Bluetooth Wireless

Bluetooth Wireless
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  • E-BLUE Mini Nova Bluetooth V4.0+EDR Adapter
    Features : Dual-Mode support Bluetooth 4.0 low energy and Bluetooth 3.0 Full-speed USB 2.0 interface Bluetooth V4.0 specification compliant Low power consumption Class 1 power standard, distance of 150 feet Support bluetooth EDR data rate to 3Mbps LED indication: Power on, Linking, Standby S..
    Rp.154.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.154.000,-
  • PROLINK PWP102G - Wireless Presenter
    Key Features : OFN (Optical Finger Navigation) Button control cursors movement by moving your thumb over it Red Laser Pointer Control Button highlight or point to the details of your presentation slides with ease   Advanced Functions Start and End presentations, Forward/Backward, or hi..
    Rp.330.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.330.000,-
  • PROLINK PWP103G - Wireless Presenter True Air Mouse
    Product Details : PROLiNK® PWP103G is a handy device that meets all your presentation needs. Aesthetically pleasing yet feature-packed and ergonomically designed, the PWP103G is a pleasure to use and a delight to have. Features : Brilliant Red Laser Pointer Highlight your presentation details ..
    Rp.450.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.450.000,-
  • PROLINK PWP106G - Smallest 2.4GHz Wireless Presenter Green Laser
    Product Details : PROLINK PWP106G Black Wireless Presenter with Green Laser [2.4 GHz] merupakan presenter nirkabel yang hadir dengan laser hijau berpresisi tinggi dan satu set kontrol presenter yang mudah digunakan. PWP106G sudah menggunakan teknologi laser hijau yang canggih sehingga memudahkan An..
    Rp.380.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.380.000,-
  • PROLINK WN2001 - Mini wireless USB Adapter 150 Mbps
    Product Details : PROLiNK® WN2001 Nano Wireless-N USB Adapter is currently one of the world’s smallest USB Adapters. With the PROLiNK® WN2001, users can easily access any available high-speed internet connections to share files, enjoy gaming, downloading and video streaming anywhere they go. Compli..
    Rp.89.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.89.000,-
  • PROLINK WN2201 - Mini Wireless-N USB Adapter 300 Mbps
    Product Details : PROLiNK® WN2201 Mini Wireless-N USB Adapter, with a convenient WPS button makes it easy for you to connect to available high-speed networks securely no matter where you may be. Sharing large files and media, video streaming and even online gaming is made easier with this easy-to-u..
    Rp.170.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.170.000,-