E-Blue Speaker

E-Blue Speaker
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  • E Blue Magic Ball Portable Speaker
    Product Details : It is a small and portable speaker which welcomed by notebook and office users. It is also fun to use it in mini party, barbecue etc. Listen to music anywhere, anytime, let's enjoy the joy and happiness E-blue brings to you. The specialized rubber edge speaker adopts low frequency..
    Rp.132.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.132.000,-
  • E Blue Pioneer Y Portable Speaker
    Product Details : The USB powered 3.5-line audio output is for desktop and notebook users. It is very user-friendly with vertical stand and triangular mats. The Pdb-Z bass diaphragm produces excellent bass sound quality, to let you enjoy the shocking effect of our speaker. Specifications : ..
    Rp.194.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.194.000,-