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  • 3D Glass Aktif TDG-BT500A
    Features : Brace yourself for pure 3D excitement that feels like you're standing alongside the actors. Through advanced Active 3D technology, immerse yourself in Full HD 1080p clarity and phenomenal 3D picture quality. Just slide on the comfortable 3D active glasses and enter a whole new dimensio..
    Rp.499.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.499.000,-
  • 3D Glass TDG-500P
    Features : You’ll see clear, detailed images with lifelike depth, it’s like the 3D you see in the cinema You can put these Passive 3D glasses on over your day-to-day glasses These lightweight frame glasses won’t irritate you during long movie sessions Keep them safe when they’re not in use with ..
    Rp.99.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.99.000,-
  • 3D Glass TDG-SV5P
    Features : SimulViewTM technology presents twice the fun: 2player games with no split screen. Say goodbye to split screen. Now you and a friend can both experience your own big-screen view of the action as you play nail-biting games on your PlayStation3 system. SimulView gaming presents two separ..
    Rp.129.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.129.000,-
  • Basic TV SONY 32R300B
    Fitur:  X-Perlindungan Pro untuk daya tahan yang kuat terhadap ancaman eksternal  Resolusi Hapus Enhancer untuk kualitas gambar yang tajam  Hapus Tahap Speaker untuk reproduksi seimbang frekuensi suara  Lifelike Aksi Dengan Gerakan halus dengan Motionflow ™ XR 100Hz  DV..
    Rp.3.262.105,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.3.262.105,-
  • Basic TV SONY 32R300C
    Spesifikasi :  SKU : SO888ELAA2VH4ZANID-5351711 3D TV : No Curved TV : No Ukuran layar : 32.0 Display Size (inches) : 0.0 Model : KDL-32 R-300 B Ukuran (L x ..
    Rp.3.683.158,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.3.683.158,-
  • Basic TV SONY 32R302C
    Spesifikasi :   3D TV : No Cinema 3D : Tidak Curved TV : No Ukuran layar : 32.0 Model : KLV32R302C Jumlah Port HDMI : 2 Ukuran (L x W..
    Rp.3.099.000,- Tanpa Pajak: Rp.3.099.000,-